What to Expect

Your First Visit

Your first visit will consist of a thorough history, examination, and treatment. During the history component we will listen to you, ask specific questions, and answer the questions you may have. Our examination is designed to rule in and out specific conditions & red flags.

We will assess how your body moves functionally throughout a series of targeted movements. We’ll have a few goals with our treatment.

1) Reduce pain/irritation

2) Treat the cause of dysfuntion

3) Provide you with tools to get you moving better and feeling better

We implement a blend of therapies into patient care, such as: chiropractic, rehabilitation, and soft tissue work.

Education is the Most Powerful Tool

The most powerful tool we possess is the education component of our treatment. At Peak & Valley Chiropractic, we teach you about your condition and give you the tools to combat its recurrence. We want to motivate you to take control of your life and give you the tools to improve the activities of daily living that may be limited due to your ailments. 

Our focused history and examination will narrow in on your presentation and allow us to determine if you are in the right office for care. Bottom line, your visit is about you. 

We want to know what your goals are for seeking care and help you succeed in achieving them. While we treat an array of conditions, we pride ourselves on transparency with our patients. If we think that you would benefit from seeing another healthcare professional we will refer accordingly for your specific presentation. 

New Patients

We ask that all new patients fill out their intake forms prior to their first appointment. This will allow the doctor ample time to review your case and will save time as we require all new patients to complete these forms before their first appointment. Failing to do so ahead of time may affect the duration of your appointment. We appreciate your time and cooperation to get those forms done! 

Over the years I have been in several car accidents, resulting in neck and back injuries that continuously interrupt my life. I am so thankful I found Dr. Palmer! With her knowledge and use of different techniques, she has been able to help me far more than any other chiropractor has been able to. It’s an amazing feeling to have instant relief after I’ve suffered for so long. Thank you so much Dr. Palmer! ~ Tara G.